OP-1 Dodgy Key

It looks like one of my the keys on my OP-1 is dodgy. It’s the lower B key (the 4th white key in from the left). It tends to work most of the time but 1 or 2 times out of 10 it doesn’t trigger.

I’ve tried a factory reset.

I need to have a proper look underneath the key itself but a couple of days ago I did take the key off and found I still have the intermittent sound when I press the button under the key.

I’ll open it again and give it a clean. What other options have I got after that?

OP-1 is great other than that so want to fix her!


Had to replace mine a couple years ago. If you have an old unit, the replacement might even be an upgrade (im pretty sure the new one I got has nicer plastic or molding finish than my original one)

As long as you’re opening it, might as well check to see if there’s some obvious debris or something, but I would guess it’s just the switch flaking out.

Thanks for the link to the replacement keyboard.

Did you do the replacement yourself? If so, how did you find it?

iFixit has a walkthrough; it’s pretty easy actually, if you know which keys to lift to find the mounting screws