Op-1 drum sampler slicing algorithm

Hi there,
I am trying to figure out how the slicing algorithm works, it looks like it chops the sampled region the following way : chopped in 1/16th of the captured sample for the 16 first keys, and then chopped in 1/8th for the last eight keys. I thought there was some formant detection at first, but now i feel a bit confused, as i find the same kind of slicing pattern. I would like to do some octatrack style slicing by randomizing loop slices :wink:
If you guys could help me imitating this on the op 1 that would be of great help !
Thanks !

u could try applying one of the many LFOs to the start/end points

@docshermsticks said:
u could try applying one of the many LFOs to the start/end points

That’s a brilliant idea! I can’t believe that there’s still tons of things to learn on the OP-1 after 6 years of exploring. Great machine

@docshermsticks said:
u could try applying one of the many LFOs to the start/end points

Yeah thanks ! I was rather thinking of using endless and use the randomise function.

Any insights on how the op1 slices samples ? The slices look equal in length to me.

u got it right.
first 16 keys slice the entire sample into 1/16ths.
last 8 keys slice the entire sample into 1/8ths

Thanks mate :wink:

So all I have to do is to save my drum loops in aiffffffff format and the OP1 will chop them automatically ? Thats great :slight_smile:

It will chop the 12 seconds over 16 equal parts. Okay for 120bpm say but varied tempos will need your edits.
Also you may want to turn one-shot off depending on your work flow for random sequencer allowing the sequencer to define note length.

Ah the file in the drum seconds is always 12 seconds regardless ? It will sure need some editing then :frowning:

no doesn’t have to be 12 seconds. 12 is just the maximum.

Ok, i will try with short loops on this evening.

it takes a lil more prep, but since the op1 is sorta limited by the number of drum patches u can have…

for breaks i like to make patches w/ like multiple breaks in there. 3-6 depending on how many chops i have.

so like sometimes i’ll break it down to 4 chops per break and then i can have 6 per patch (4 x 6 = 24 keys)
or 8 chops per break and i’ll have 3 breaks per patch

saves space plus also then u can mix and match different parts of different breaks easily

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Yeah OK thanks for this brillant advice :wink:

heres another one. using the drum utility program makes this a bit easier.

if u run up against the 12 second limit, just double the speed on your samples
then pitch them down in the drum utility (or the op1) by an octave.

effectively gives u 24 seconds per patch.

i forget off the top of my head how many semitones u can go on the drum sampler
but if u can get like 2-3 or more octaves then u can keep going and keep doubling up on your sample time.