op-1 drum utility produces unusable kits on v218

Hi, a bunch of my old drum kits don’t work with v218 of the firmware anymore and the drum utility doesn’t produce kits that the OP-1 can use. Perhaps there was a format change with the new firmware? Does anyone have a clue how to fix this?

Unfortunately I don’t have any idea on how to fix the problem you’re having. I can confirm that it is working with my pretty new op-1 which came with v220.

I’ve downloaded drum kits from https://op1.fun and other places and so far they’ve all loaded fine. I also just tried the drum utility (standalone version on Mac OS v10.12.5) and created a new kit that loaded properly.

FYI, A new improved OP-1 drum utility is coming soon to op1.fun!

I loaded several of the 14203 kits to the 218 version and they seem to work fine. What exactly does not work?

I haven’t used the utility yet, so I can’t speak about that

Leave a drum kit here for us to test.
I had a problem a month ago loading kits on my op1. Factory reset did help. The problem came from an old USB cable…