OP-1 drumkits don't work on OP-Z

Been working all day to make some special designed drumkits for the OP-Z. Kits with just kicks, snares, percs & efx.

After making these kits on my PC and converting them to 16 bits mono AIFF files, i copied them to my OP-1.
Made some minor adjustments on the OP-1 and saved them afterwards resulting them to appear in the snapshot folder. They sound great and the mapping is excellent.

After that i copied them from my OP-1 to the corresponding directories on my OP-Z. Kickdrum kit in the available kicks folder; snaredrumkit in the available snarefolder, and so on.Then rebooted my OP-Z.

Then i started up the app on my iPhone, connected my OP-Z and browsed to the configurator.
Selected my new drumkits and moved it to the availabe spots in the different categories and hit ‘Commit’.
So far so good, but when i start hitting the keyboard i just hear this computer voice tell me that this is the default user sample.

When i put my OP-Z again in content mode i see that all the dumkits have changed to ~user732227399 with a size of 0kb. Even if i delete this file it keeps reappearing.

What’s going on? Why doesn’t it work? What am i doing wrong?

you should use the OP1 Drum Utility which is great for the OP-Z.

Hi Johnny. I just found out yesterday that the drum utility doesn’t work on 64-bits Win10 :frowning:
That’s why I have to try to find a workaround/alternative.

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what does the import.log file on your Z say??

also there isn’t like a 64bit VST wrapper plugin that allows 32bit?
or a standalone VST host type program ?

maybe these will help


Thanx docshermsticks,

Nanohost did the trick. Now running the Drum Utility as stand alone.

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Sweet worked for me too.