OP-1 Export tool for Renoise

I made a tool for Renoise that exports sliced samples in a drumkit format compatible with the OP-1. Slices created in the Renoise Sample Editor are preserved when the sample is exported and loaded into the OP-1. The tool also features a simple ‘auto’ slicer which will slice the selected sample into a specified number of equally spaced slices.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 22.48.36

If you don’t know Renoise, it’s a tracker with a fully featured Sample Editor that has a sample slicing feature (similar to Propellerheads Recycle). It also has an API which allows custom tools to built that extend it’s functionality, this is such a tool that exports sliced samples, that can then be loaded into the OP-1 drum kit.

The demo version of Renoise is not time limited so you can just use it as a sample editor and export sounds for the OP-1 with this tool.

I made this for personal use as I have been using Renoise as my main DAW for a few years and wanted to export projects for jamming in the OP-1. Thought it would be nice to share it and I’m happy to consider feature requests for this if there is interest in it…

Also made a video showing a quick demo:

Get the tool here: http://www.renoise.com/tools/op-1-export

To use the tool you will need to ensure you have Renoise installed first, you can get it here: http://www.renoise.com/download

I loved Renoise when I used it a few years back. Demo is fully functional as a MIDI sequencer too if I remember correctly. Cheers for this!

Cheers! Yeah the demo restrictions are fairly relaxed, I think no ASIO support and rendering… but the rest is fully featured… also very cheap if you do want to buy it.

Very nice! I guess it also lets you know if you go over the max amount of seconds?

Yes it prevents you exporting a sample over 12 seconds. Nothing more sophisticated than that at the moment, but have considered adding options for different approaches i.e trim each slice

@afta8 not to derail this thread too far But am I right in supposing that you’re the afta8 of Audulus fame?

hooray for this!! neat work! great w video too. happy saturday!

@crudeoperator, yes thats me :slight_smile: Renoise and Audulus have me hooked… and now OP-1!

@Ullbasunen, thanks dude, happy Saturday indeed :slight_smile:

@afta8 welcome to the family :slight_smile: