OP-1 external output resampling


I am yet to buy an OP-1 but looking to do so this month after much consideration. Its a pity ohpeewon has gone down with so much good content in there!

I like to resample sound through external mixers and other hardware. My question is, is it possible to play audio through the output of the OP-1 and resample back into the line-in at the same time? For example, send the audio of the OP-1 into a mixer for some gain distortion and resample that back into the OP-1 at the same time.

I found this ohpeewon discussion via Wayback machine but it just raises more questions for me (ie Can you not monitor what you are resampling? But can you resample in this way at all?)



you could plug it into a tape channel with it’s mixer all the way down, and monitor from your external mixer…