OP-1 F and android file transferring

Hello! I just started out on my OP1f and I really love this machine! But I’m having trouble connecting it via USB. I wanted to backup my tapes and albums to my phone (Samsung note9). Using disc mode I can access my snapshots and add new sounds. But I can’t see the map of my tapes and albums. In MTP mode I was able to see thouse maps, but when I try to copy the files, the transfer time goes up to around 10 hours, then it fails to copy. Also the Op1 defaults to charge from my phone, and turning the function of with the red knob still drains my phone battery pretty fast. I find it strange I cant access the files in disc mode, witch works great for adding kits from Op1.fun. Am I missing something?

I too have bad experience with the MTP on OP1F and Android both old (v 9 on Note8) and new (v14 on S23U). The download is super slow 25% of a 121MB track took ~5minutes and the remaining time estimations were fluctuating from minutes to hours. The upload from these Android phones via MTP is not working at all. At best it creates a blank file and fails. On Windows 10/11 it takes 10 seconds to download a 121MB track, uploading files from Windows OS works fine as well. Haven’t reported it yet, i like to use my phone too (althouh FW upload works from it fine, but it is not via MTP)

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Regarding charging control, as I was told by TE supp. OP-1F cannot control the charging, the function is for the ground loop control - static noise.

What you can do though on the recent Android versions (have it on the S23U, but not on the old Note8), is to toggle the “Charge connected device” to off, then OP1F would be charging your phone, but when phone is charged already the drain from OP1F should be minimal. Same goes other way around, if your OP1F is fully charged it would not accept more charge from the phone.

I have asked TE about what could be done for Android MTP, will see what they respond.

Thanks for your response! Exactly my experience. Backing up on windows was no problem. I was hoping for some kind of solution for android, as there is for iphone. Would be wonderfull on the go. Or if you could have even more tapes :slightly_smiling_face:

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