Op-1 F MIDI functionality

What is the difference between the first OP1 and the field when it comes to MIDI functionality?
If i want to connect it to the volca or the sp404mk2 do i need a kenton box, or what kinda adapter would i need? What are some of you guys setups, i would really like to know so i could learn more about MIDI.
Thanks for being so awesome guys!

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the field is a USB MIDI HOST
and OG is not

so w/ the field u should not need a separate host device like the kenton
as long as your other devices are class compliant


Yeah, but i’m running into problems trying to use it with the sp404mk22.
what kinda setup do you use?

Just trying to get round what the OP-1F’s new midi capabilities are… So can It now send and receive midi at the same time? I’ve had no issues receiving midi to the OG but would love to send midi out from the sequencers at the same time. Cheers

i think they were always capable of sending and receiving midi simultaneously

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