OP-1 fastly losing charge while turned off and high pitched noise while charging

Dear Community,

my problem started a while after the update to 246. The machine lost a lot of battery even when switched off and then at some point did not turn on at all (high pitched noise from the speaker no matter in which position the on/off switch was). Therefore, I thought that the DSP board is defective. I also had a spare connecter-board and tried that - but that didn’t solve the problem.

After I unplugged the battery and plugged it back in - at least it started up again.

It still makes that high pitched noise when charging - depending on cable and power supply in different frequency. Now I’m not quite sure if it’s just the battery failing, the DSP or something else. I rolled back to 245 but the battery drainage is still present (battery all gone after 1 1/2 days turned off).

I you have any experience with that as of which component could be failing, it would help me a lot since I can tackle the issue more precise. I tried factory reset, firmware rollback, different cables, chargers etc…

if your battery isn’t holding a charge anymore
the most likely reason is that your battery is failing

the battery is relatively easy to replace compared to maybe some of hte other components
so might be a good thing to try atleast

worse case if your problem still persists then u know its something else causing your issues

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Hey there,
thanks - I ordered a third party one and will report once it’s replaced. My greatest fear is that there is something wrong with the DSP that draining power even when turned off :confused:
Does anybody know the battery connecter type used on the OP1? I think it’s a 2 pin SH 1,25mm Micro JST?

these are the connectors they use
(click thru for the links)

tbh u are prolly better off using the connector on your existing battery