OP-1 faulty key repair


Have that well known reported key double/non trigger problem. disconnected and reattached the flexcable of the keyboard, which worked for a while, but not for long and not for every key. However, now I found this tutorial on yt link below, and wonder if anyone had experience with this process before and can tell about if it worked out?
my warranty is worn out so I could give it a try, but at the same time it seems to be a little risky and I could imagine that it could maybe damage the keyboard…


Quick Update:

I was finally brave enough to do it and cut both of the keyboard cables. Besides of two keys which were non-functional since years, it worked out in my case, and the other keys got back to work!

For the still non responsive keys that might suggest that the problem roots in a different cause, or that I would have to cut the cables even shorter, but I leave it for now. I’m really glad to have the sequencer-section back which was off for about a year now.

I will report for how it went in time.

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Further quick update:

Now the sequencer button, which got back to work after cutting the cable, again started to stutter every once in a while so that you have to press it several times to get a response. Anyhow…works for the most part.

Further more update:

So, in my attempt to get it fully to work, I noticed something:

If you have all buttons working after getting the cables back into their sockets, they loose response again after getting the screws back into the chassis. Therefore the trigger thing might also be because of the pressure on the cables when the keyboard sits too tight. Maybe. But turning the screws only 4/5 way in doesn’t have any effect, neither. The problem just starts when you put the keyboard, screws and keys back in…