OP-1 Field 1.3.2 user manual - anyone have this?

Download link is broken on the TE site, I wondered if anyone has a copy? I have emailed TE support too.

I suspect that it just hasn’t actually been uploaded yet.
“Patience grasshopper” (not sure anyone will get that reference - I’m old :slight_smile:

Thanks, it has appeared this morning! I was probably looking while they were updating it.

I’m old too! :slight_smile:

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Coincidentally, yesterday I was also on TE’s website trying to get the manual and I got the same issue, I’m glad it is already working!

Does anyone know what “Input limit” means on the battery section of the menu? Is it saying that that is the amount if charge the unit is capable of adding to its current battery capacity — i.e. how the unit determines the % charge level?

I imagine it means the max milliamps that the unit will accept whether or not the charger is capable of delivering more - is it adjustable? (I don’t have mine yet)

No, not adjustable. I had to rma my unit for a loose battery and it read 0-300ma depending on when I checked. I thought it was weird that the manual read 1200ma, which was way different from my experience.