OP-1 Field A/B Drum Sample

Just received my OP-1 Field and wanted to start making some drum samples that utilize the left/right A/B side of the sample. Does anyone have any good ways to setup a sample with different sounds for the A/B side? I would like to put different sounds on each side and pan between them. I’m assuming this needs to be done on a PC, can this be setup on the Field itself?
Also a side question, Is there a way to sample into the drum sampler hands free? I know you need to hold a key down when sampling but what if I wanted to play guitar or something and need both hands? Might be a silly question but I’m new to this.
Thanks in advance for any help you may provide

Re. hands-free sampling: In the sampling screen, press Shift+Key to engage standby. It will start recording when your input level hits the threshold.


Is that a field only feature? ‘cause that’s dope

AFAIK this also works with OP-1 original

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Awesome! I will try this tonight! Thank you so much for the info!


As long as desired sounds were ‘in time’ with each other, I see no reason why you couldn’t have say, track one containing the hits for left channel, panned left - track 2 containing the hits for right channel, panned right. Then record from ear on track three so track three has track 1 contents in left speaker and track 2 contents in right speaker. You could then lift track 3 and paste into drum sampler.
Adjusting the marker precision/ track zoom first (shift + stop? Can’t remember) gives you finer precision you could even make your own samples on each beat to start with on tracks 1 and 2.


Great advice! I think that will work. I will try this tonight. Thank you so much for the information

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Only wish my OP-1 Field had shipped so I could try it myself :grin:

Yes I know the feeling, it was a long wait. Hopefully soon

I’m pretty sure they’re working on a sample utility for building stereo drum sample packs.
I recall some beta testers talking about that being a known project.
otherwise you’re relegated to some fonky work arounds trying to build these (like above) which is cool for resampling interesting things, but if you want to just put together some sample kits it’s not a fun process.

After using the field for a couple weeks now, I think the sample utility (if they are really working on it) should have been available from the start of units shipping.


I was wondering there same thing. Gonna try it. Was also gonna try the op-1 field app on my Mac but every time I click on it, it does nothing…

you mean the field-kit app? If you do, that appears to be just so you can use MTP to copy files to/from the OP-1 Field and the Mac.

Was really hoping to be able to use the Field with just my iPad to copy files around, but looks like that’s not going to work until I can find an MTP app for the iPad… :confused:

Sample utility would be handy, will keep my eyes open.

Yeah I’ve heard this confirmed by beta testers. From what they know, they said we should be expecting a new drum utility specifically for the field relatively soon.

Does anyone know if/how you can make the metronome louder? I mean, I can barely hear the thing. On the OG op-1 it was really loud. I’m disappointed.
EDIT: Never mind. Pressing the orange encoder switches the sound back to the old style. Whoot whoot!


Is there a known specification for the sound files w the data for slices?

this is def laid out somehwere on the forum
feel like i also read some websites that were very helpful
with all the metadata

i guess its for hte OG but would prolly be pretty much the same idea i would think?

these should be hlepful

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i don’t yet have a field to try, but i’m curious if you can use the existing drum utility to create 2 mono patches and then paste both into a stereo file in an audio editor. you’d still be limited to 12 seconds, but i imagine it would work

edit actually its probably not practical. each sample that you add to patch#2 would have to have an identical sample length of its corresponding sample in patch#1. doable, but a pain

The line input on the op1f is so good that I’ve just been recording my drum samples into it.

Same, it’s sounds great. I made a full 24 sample kit today just recording sounds to tape from my MacBook over usb-c and then sampling into drum sampler