OP-1 Field - Ableton Live Midi connection

I am a new user of OP-1 Field.
I want to connect the Field to the Ableton Live and I have my doubts. A priori, putting in MIDI mode the OP-1 Field I see that it connects to the Ableton, but I see that there is a script for the original op-1 connection of the OP-1, but the OPLD manual does not mention it. Does it need to be installed? Does it provide something to install it if it were optional?
Thanks in advance!

the script is like a special control surface type thing for ableton

i dunno if it works for the FIELD as it was made for the OG a long time ago
but it didn’t work all that well for the OG either
its been awhile since its been updated too
so may not be compatible with newer versions of abelton as well

u do not need the script to communicate in any direction via MIDI