OP-1 Field and Roland T8 as sequencer

Hello, I’m trying to use T8 as sequencer using sounds from OP1 field.
I just connected the 2 by using usb, and I’m able to record sounds from T8 into the tapes, but I cant use it as sequencer.

When I go to midi options in OP1 Field, I can change channels, but probably it should exists “all channels” something like this…I mean.

Any experiences on T8 or similar product?

thanks for sharing!

Check the op-1 field manual.the MIDI section.
When ready check the Roland t8 manual. It is not very hard to learn and when you understand it you will never forget.

thanks for your feedback. Anyway I already got into the manuals, especially the T8 one does not have any instructions, and I’m not a midi expert also.
Looking for some similar experience

Just make sure the tx and Rx channels are the same and experiment.