OP-1 field and TX-6 bluetooth problems

I can’t, for the life of me, get the OP-1 Field to connect to the TX-6 via Bluetooth MIDI. When I click the pair button on the OP-1 Field, it just says it’s disconnected. If I have the TX-6 be the host, it shows as paired on the TX-6, but nothing seems to work. I’m puzzled by this since they’re both field product devices, and I’m using the latest updates on both. Has anyone else attempted this? I’m wondering if it’s an issue with my TX-6 or OP-1 Field.

Hey man no answer for your current issue, but out of curiosity what’ll be the point of connecting Bluetooth midi between these two devices? I usually use BT midi on the field with my mac but nothing else really?

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Utilize the op-1 keyboard and Bluetooth MIDI for syncing with the tx-6 synth while recording to a USB drive on the tx-6. Ensure that the drum sequence stays synchronized with the op-1 when pressing play. Regarding the delay FX, it matters less as long as both devices share the same BPM.

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Assuming you have both devices on the latest firmware?

Yep, 1.5.0 on the op-1 and 1.2.10 on the tx-6