Op-1 field as a pedal for guitar

Hello everyone. I really really want to get the Op-1 field soon. As a guitarist, I know it’s possible to record my instrument ( I’ve seen peoples doing that in YouTube, so no problem)
My question is that:
Is it possible to use the fx from the OP-1f directly, like if the OP-1f was a pedal for my guitare, because I would like to use that in live situation

I might be wrong, but I don’t think it’s easily possible - and, imho, really relevant with the onboard offer.

First and foremost (and I may be mistaken here), to the best of my knowledge, you can’t really process incoming audio with the onboard fx, tho
there is a workaround : the Vocoder synth.
Basically, you setup the Vocoder synth 100% dry (no vocoding occuring at all) and apply the FX you want to apply. Let’s say the Mother reverb. You could then set up an LFO to modulate some parameters and have a somewhat functioning live FX - albeit limited at times (since you can’t stack up effects and can therefore only use one FX at a time and can’t easily switch FX mid-performance).
Having already tested that setup, I can say it has its perk, even more so when using the vocoder to actually process the incoming signal ( either with someone playing chords while you play the guitar or using a looper to get your hands free for playing chords on the keyboard). But it is a bit rigid. Or, better put, it’s an interesting tool but somewhat limited.
And, more so, in a live setting, I’d say the op1f form factor doesn’t really feel comfortable enough to process the guitar as an FX rig. The tiny screen, the dented knobs and the unflexible signal flow makes it a tad bit tedious.
Reliable, yes. Usable, yes. Flexible, no.

Just my two cents, tho.

Thats being said, you made me curious. If you care enough to elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve, I’d be delighted to hear it! Sounds interesting, to say the least.
But thing is, you’re better off processing the guitar with a pedal FX before hitting the op1f.
It’s all about taste, but it’s always a good thing to process the incoming signal with a bit of magic (light compression, amp sim, slight EQ, etc).

So yeah.
Not ideal (depending on what you’re aiming for) but doable (to some extent).


Maybe to easily change effects thanks to the vocoder I could assign parameters in advance and save them on the preset key??

Another question, if you can answer me, is it possible to connect a midi controller to be able to control the parameters of the OP-1 such as the recorder or the preset keys?

anyway thanks for your help!

I’m going to get it next month and I’m going to dig the subject and I’ll try to make a clean report because I don’t know English very well.


Strange answers above? Of course, even Original OP-1 allows effecting Incoming audio in realtime. It just goes through the whole chain of Main Output when monitoring, so it is affected by 1) EQ 2) FX 3) Mastering Limiter. On OG OP-1 it becomes mono though (except the Master FX applied)


Sorry about the strange answers. Tried to help.

And your way works too. Probably even better depending on the scenario!

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Ok nice, thx for the answer. So with the two methods combined I could even use two effects in same time, no?

Another question, if you can answer me, is it possible to connect a midi controller to be able to control the parameters of the OP-1 such as the recorder or the preset keys?

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Combining the two methods should be possible, absolutely.
As long as it is for live us and not committing to tape - but then again, there are workarounds here too with the Album feature.

As long as controlling the op1f parameters (such as record or parameters), I can’t really say for sure. Not 100% certain about the possibilities here - although I can see what kind of scenarios this might come in handy with.
But I found this thread on this very forum :

And if I’m reading this right, you should be able to workaround this one too. Maybe not 100% what you wanted, but workable to some extent.

Here’s hope this helps!

midi has always been pretty limited overall
to control params use the MIDI LFO
u can select up to 4 params for that engine (drum, synth)
these 4 params respond to CC 1 - 4

u can control the tape with the normal play, stop, pause, clock, continue midi transport messages
but i dont think u can toggle record via midi

the op1 responds to midi notes as u might guess they would

beyond that, theres not much other functionality afaik

bear in mind i’m living in an OG world
so while i dont think much has changed in the midi dept regarding the field…?
there def could be some other midi going on