OP-1 Field battery appears dead - with TE support, what does my future look like?

Ok, so about 2 weeks ago my OP-1 Field, which has been plugged into my Mac studio for 1+ months so I can use it with Logic, started saying it had low battery - and a few days later it was powered off entirely. I tried to power it back on but it just showed the red blinking light on the right side meter. I’ve tried everything - charging it with a different power supply for 48 hours, then unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds, and trying to enter TE-boot via holding down com - nothing - just the red blinking lights I assume means the battery is depleted.

My educated guess here is charging functionality broke at some point. I, of course, reached out to TE support via email - a week ago - and so far have gotten one response asking for serial number (which I had already provided), if anything else had happened prior to this (no) and where I purchased it from. Then radio silence to my response so far now for 3 days.

Is there a phone number to call? Or any other route I should take to troubleshoot/resolve/repair? And finally - any predictions from the OPForums hive mind/collective as to how my next few weeks will go (specific to resolving this issue with TE support, although I welcome broader predictions about my life as well)

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Welp, here’s the update for anyone who was attempting to predict the future.

Teenage Engineering gave no meaningful updates after that last one until just now, where they said it’s hard to say what’s happening, and they hadn’t responded because when I respond to the email without a response from them it puts it down to the bottom of the queue - like they purposefully designed their customer support system to punish people who are asking too many questions.

I now have asked for instructions on how to ship the unit back and anticipate waiting a few more weeks for that guidance, and will remember to not ask for an update or a response for fear that apparently their system is designed to deprioritize you when you ask for an update.

I now have one prediction for my future - no more TE products for me - what a horrible experience with support so far.