Op-1 Field & Bluetooth BLE midi to IOS

I’m trying to get transport synced between Loop Pro on my Ipad and my Op-1 Field. Works flawlessly when they are connected with USB C cable. Problem is that I need the USB C port on the Ipad to connect a USB C hub so I need it to work via bluetooth.

Shift + Com and advertise on Op-1, select Op-1 from the sync menu in Loopy Pro and set all fields to Op-1. When I start the sequence in Loopy Pro, I can stop the sequence using the stop button on Op-1, but the play button from Op-1 does nothing?

Curious if anyone else has managed to get this working and if so how you did it!

I’m locked at the same step. Still looking to solve this problem. Let me know if you have find a solution.

I just changed my workflow lol. Did you find a solution?

Nop, hopefully a future update of loopy or op-1 will solve it !

Hello OP Community!
I have just signed up to post this;

In case this can help, I have successfully connected OP1f via BT to my iPad using LightBlue:


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