Op-1 field decksaver adjustments?

i recently got a decksaver for my op-1 field and i do really like it but i see that it was probably originally sized for the OG op-1 and therefore i need to unplug things from the in/out ports before putting on the decksaver otherwise it does not sit level. has anyone come up with good ways of adjusting this, perhaps by cutting or filing the side of the decksaver?

i did something similar w/ a decksaver and a different device
used a dremel with a small sander attachment to create enough space / clearance

i’m sure a small metal file or manual sander would do the trick too
but prolly take longer and require a bit more elbow grease

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I set the deck saver on the OG-1 and just used a sharpie to mark how much material I’d need to shave off.

Then I took a dremel tool at work and did the shaving. I did it on both sides to be safe.

Some examples here:

I might make the USB slot a bit wider to accommodate the slight change on the field. It might be best to just cut one large slot instead of three smaller ones


Really great idea to use the deck saver as tilted stand for the OP-1F… thanks a lot!
Why didn’t I come up with that idea… :joy: