OP-1 FIELD does not show charge status leds

Please can someone confirm that the OP-1 Field differs from the original op1; in that a single led (located next to on/off switch) blinks amber when charging & green when fully charged? All online accounts talk of the volume strip leds (on top of unit)displaying charge status, but my op1 field does not do this. Any help much appreciated.

I can confirm mine does that too.

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The volume LED strip show charge level when pressing the Help button.

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Hi, can you tell me how to clear samples from the OP-1 field??? :pray:t4:

You can find it in the manual , it is very easy compared to the og op-1. OP–1 field user guide

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Thank you, kindly.

Hi there, no mention in the user manual I received with op1 field - unless I missed it / was looking for different terminology? Can you tell me what I’m looking for… is it called deleting / erasing, or is it called ‘lifting’ for eg? Any help much appreciated

It is called del (delete) and it is in red. There is also name. In blue.I checked the manual and you are right. It is not in there, well thankfully it is very easy to use.
Just press shift +1-8. And turn ochre. BUT. You can’t delete the factory presets.
Only the ones you made yourself.

Thank you very much - this is exactly what I was hoping to understand :pray:t4:

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