Op-1 field doesn't stay put on a flat surface and rocks a little

As title says, my op-1 field doesn’t stay on level and wobbles, I thought it was because of the stupid velcro initially…like it was creating a sort of uneven lift, but I ruled it out by placing it on my audio monitors making sure that only two rubber pads per side were touching each monitor and the velcros were suspended in the air (picture the op-1 as a bridge between the two speakers), I could even see that the bottom left rubber pad wasn’t touching the surface for what seems less than a millimiter, and if I slip a post it right under either the bottom-left rubber pad or the top-right rubber pad the problem stops.
The wobble happens when I touch the upper right part of the device and then the bottom right part… and it is kinda annoying when playing, because of the noise it makes and because it is unbalanced, which for a keyboard is not the best…and I’m also concerned because if they ever gonna add the velocity feature I hardly think it’s gonna work given it will be calculated with the accelerometer that will necessarily get some noise because of that…and lastly…hell this thing costs quite some money, I don’t want it to wobble.

Is this problem known? Is there someone else with the same issue? I got it in a music store, I hope they have another unit ready to swap because it bothers me so much to wait another few weeks because I need to send it for replacement… :disappointed:

Edit: video OP-1 Field Wobbling - Album on Imgur

Are you sure it’s on an even surface? When my stuff wobbles it’s usually my desk’s fault.

I’m 100% sure it’s not the surface, I’ve done many tests on many surfaces, used the phone’s level, compared to og op-1 on the same surface which doesn’t wobble


Just give it a sharp twist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is quite unfortunate to see, I hope the shop can help you out with a replacement