OP-1 Field Durability and QC probs in 2023

Hi all, am thinking to buy a brand new OP-1 Field in Japan for around USD 100 cheaper than if I would get it shipped from Thomann.

Am concerned about durability and quality control problems that some people have experienced. Is there anything that I should be aware of or is the latest batch safe to buy?

Was thinking if it is worth to pay USD100 more just to get the Thomann 3 years warranty.

Any advice?

i’d really get the warranty if i were you. i’ve had 2 bad op-1f so far in the span of a few months. each issue with the unit has not appeared until a couple of months after getting them…

Wow! What were the problems?? And did you have to send it back to the retailer or to Teenage Engineering? I am thinking that Japan would be closer to me than Thomann or Teenage Engineering.

on my first unit the encoders cracked after 2 months and as well i had stuck keys. i had to send it back to TE and they replaced the unit for a new one. now, a couple months later, my new unit was working fine and all of a sudden it went totally unresponsive for 18 hours. wouldn’t turn on, no signs of life at all. and right before i had a big gig. luckily it came to life for no clear reason the day before the show, i could do the concert. but i certainly don’t trust the device again for anything important. going to send it back to TE, but they didn’t say they would replace it, they would only look at it.

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That is quite worrying about the cracked encoders and stuck keys, it means that any unit could develop that problem. I wonder if TE will just hope that people will put up with such problems.

I had an OP-1 that couldnt access the factory menu after two days and TE told me that I would need to send it back in to replace the circuit board, i returned it back to the shop for a full refund.

Maybe the QC is a carried over function from the OG lol …