OP-1 Field getting midi from iPhone

Has anyone managed to feed midi from iPhone into the op1 field? I want to use for example GarageBand to trigger midi into the op1. Maybe I am missing something basic

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Yes, it works great. If you use a lightning to usb c cable it should work immediately. Are you trying to use ble midi?

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Yeah I have tried that but doesn’t get it to work. I must try again :+1:t2: Do I need some kind of “midi-app” between e.g. GarageBand and op-1?

Do your midi channels line up? Is the audio input monitoring turned on in OP1? Volume on iphone? Midi turned on in GB?

It is a very simple setup and shouldn’t need anything special. I connect my phone and op1f every day!

Thanks for all input. It is working properly with the Animoog app to send midi from iPhone to OP1F. When reading about GarageBand it seems like it is not supporting midi out.