OP-1 Field hardware bugs related to build/production dates?

It looks like, you can actually see the production date/build of your device, if your hold COM while turning it on.

So please let us know, if you have any hardware bugs, and what build date your unit has. Then others with same/close build dates can check.

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i could be wrong but that might just be the build date of the bootloader itself
not the date your OP1 was built


The thread is quite interesting.
I need to send an email to TE regarding its Choir Dolls availability.
I’ll update this thread if they can answer the very question on how to know which production batch we have.

I know that, after 3 units and a blooming issue on the 3, I’d happy to know if there are batches without issues at all. Or if some batches made for specific regions may have issues.

I’ve been curious if there’s been any QC issues or serious bugs on the OP-1 Field as I am contemplating on upgrading from the somewhat buggy original OP-1 to hopefully not have such things. At its price point, I really don’t think such things are acceptable especially with the terrible customer service I’ve had in the past.

What are the main issues? I’ve read about bad keybed and upside down buttons.

Apologies, I don’t mean to derail the thread. :slight_smile:

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You don’t derail the thread so much as taking it to its core issue : QC problems.

So far, here’s what I gathered. Keep in mind that I don’t have numbers - which is key in that kind of discussion :

  • bad keybed
  • glue distribution under the screen
  • blooming effect on the sides of the screen
  • some weak inputs/outputs
  • wobbly rotary encoders/volume knob

I’ll update the post if I remember anything.
Not all of these are critical. But I guess the price point and TE’s non aknowledgement of QC issues is not helping.

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You are correct that some may not be critical but for something that has pretty much over tripled in price from the original, this needs to be pretty damn perfect. Other high end synths I own which are in a similar price bracket such as DSI, are immaculate. So is their customer support which TE are terrible at unfortunately.
The OP-1 Field has to be at the same level of QC at the very least. I might just hold onto my original OP-1 a little while longer until this is all cleared up.

I’m looking forward to hearing from others about this subject.


I feel you. For real.

I got some feeling that their reasoning, behind this foolish pricing, was to add-up every thing the op1f does against other gear. Audio Interface, MIDI sync, synth engines, sampler, etc.

But yeah. I’m not into my third unit because I love returning stuff : the price tag should account for an immaculate QC. And, at the very least, TE should be apologetic about it.
Their Applesque approach on this one is a bit off. They are, after all, branding themselves as boutique.
And the longer they don’t address this, the more they lose in the long run.
I mean…look at the Superbooth event this year. It was not so much Waouhs and Wows. It was gasps and quizzical faces all around. Even TE had a hard time justifying their prices, the Field logic and the positioning.
We’re talking about QC. But what about availabilities and such.
TE probably has some issues at the moment. The CM15 was supposed to hit the shelves this summer. And although technically we’re still here, it’s probably not gonna go down as expected.

So yeah.
Personally, I was in the market for an all-in-one and never owned an OG1. So the jump straight to the op1f was kinda auto-justified. Even tho I have to say the experience was a bit shattered by all these defaults and defects.
But if I had one, I’d hold on to the OG1 for at least 2/5 years. The op1f was released way too soon. IMHO.