OP-1 Field Internal Speaker Quality

Hey friends - just picked up my copy of the OP1F, loving it. I got it for $1500 by reaching out to B&H chat, btw - if you’re on the edge because of price well here’s your sign. So I’ve noticed that at many resonant frequencies and with many synth engines the bottom internal speaker makes a significant buzzing/almost rattling sound. I don’t plan to use the internal speaker much at all, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this so I know if I need to replace my unit. Spanks in advance.

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Just got my OP1f last week.

Speaker-wise, I have to say I’m really impressed. It delivers and packs a certain punch to it. Not that I would rely on it, but it does pack a punch.

The bottom speaker is really useful too. Helps with getting a hint of bass where I need it. But it is somewhat of a let down when you start having more than bass in your mix - ie. drums.

As for your issue, so far, so good. I’d need more specifics on your end to compare both units.
AFAIK, the bottom speaker does not make a rattled sound on mine. That being said, I suspect there is a correlation between the bottom speaker and the support it is on - meaning that depending on the table top (or anything else) you put the OP1f on, it will diffuse some low frequencies and may very well make things react (like an empty glass, or else).

One other thing, being a pro bass player, I know for a fact that bass on tiny speakers is a physical impossibility. And I already tried and push various sampled/recorded basses through the OP1f speakers (808s, Fender Jazzmaster bass, sampled Trilian patches, etc). And the speaker will distort pretty easily if you push your basses. In order to get the on board speakers to play nice with them basses, you’ll need to apply some distortion at some point. Just so you can make higher frequencies shine.

If you ever get the chance to either post a video or audio, it would be a great way for me to compare IRL.