Op-1 Field midi host and clock

Has anyone used this yet?

Working well?

I’m hoping I can sync my Tr-06 to it over usb and then get a trigger out from the Tr-06 to my modular

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Jumping onto this thread - I cannot get the OP-1f sync to any incoming Midi via USB.

I’ve tried sending Midi clock & transport messages from a DAW and a Sequencer and the OP-1f is set to Midi Sync in the Tempo screen. But when I press play the OP-1f just sits there doing nothing.

Am I missing something?

At first I thought it was a dodgy cable, but I can send Midi to both devices so the cable seems fine and I can play my OP-Z via the same set up & cable…


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Some additions. Hooked my OP-1f to my iPad via USB and I could sync Gadget to the OP-1f but not the other way round. Same with Bluetooth.

I must have a setting not configured as this can’t be right. Anyone have this issue?

Solved: I hadn’t set Midi Clock up in the Shift + Com Midi settings screen. Sorted.


I am trying to send midi clock via BLE from the TX-6 to OP-1F but unsuccessful. Tried everything, any advice?

wanna say that i saw somewhere that clock is not sent over bluetooth
but is sent over wired connection

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Oh ok thanks

Just jammed with friends using OP-1F and eurorack. I used tap tempo to roughly beat match. Is there any way the OP-1F can receive a clock from euro? I believe it can send but not sure if it can receive.


I’m going off an OG-1

Press the metronome button, then turn green knob to PO Sync with the LINK text in red, then hold shift and turn the green knob again and it will change from PO SYNC to 1/16 SYNC.

I don’t have and eurorack to test this with, but I was reading the manual and remembered someone asking about this.

Hope it helps!

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I also could not get EXT when I set OG-1 to Sync on the TEMPO screen, but I was able to solve the problem myself, so I share my findings.

In OP-1f, go to com+shift>MIDI and make sure CLOCK, NOTES is set to BOTH, OUT.
In my case, I did not need to receive MIDI messages from OG-1, so I set CLOCK, NOTES, and OTHERS all to OUT.