Op-1 field + midi keyboard

so the keyboard is great for what it is, except for two things: no velocity sensitivity and limited range: yes you can switch the octave in the middle of playing something, but its too awkward. So if one wanted to get a midi keyboard with velocity sensitivity and a decent range (at least 4 octaves) but has no use for synths or other bells and whistles in the keyboard itself (basically a pure midi controller that would work with the op-1 field) what would be some likely options? TIA

I’d go for Arturia KeyStep 37 if you plan to take it out. Or a KeyStep Pro if you’ll keep it on the studio.

i have keystep pro and i’m considering to get a 37 to take outside the studio.



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all their keyboards are 3 octave, which is only one more than the tiny one on the field, albeit with velocity sensitivity of course. I would want at least 4 octaves.

Sorry, can’t help you… i always think in terms of portability… and also i’m not a good keyboard player… so arturia with scales and chord modes are always a help for someone like me.

@docshermsticks … my keystep pro has always a swimsuit and a towel ready, whenever sees me going to the door.


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I got the yamaha bluetooth le midi dongle, can plug it into any keyboard i have and pair the OP-1 Field with it.

Be aware incomming midi velocity events require the use of the midi lfo to assign velocity to something else. It doesn’t automatically map to volume etc. Many new presets eg Dimension ones do this, but if you change the LFO to make it do something synthy you loose velocity.

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I have tried two external keyboards (powered by Op1-field’s USB) :

  • Arturia Keystep 37 : only one octave more than the op-1 so I am not sure it is worth it really, but works great.
  • NI Komplete Kontrol A49, this one I usually play without issue on my DAW has a velocity issue with the the op-1 that I am not sure can be fixed.
    the velocity range is poorly adjusted, there is basically no sound if there isn’t a rather strong push on the keys so it is basically useless unfortunately.
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on the field is it now possible to enter notes into any of hte sequencers via midi?

I have personally not been able to make this happen. I would love to hear if anyone else had any success.

But I did connect my Arturia Keystep 37 directly to my OP-1f and it was powered and USABLE without any external power source, which was a great surprise!

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Entering notes into the sequencers on the field works, but not for all sequencers

Arpeggio, Tombola and Hold all work with full functionality

Endless, finger, and sketch all partially work (usually triggering the sequencer, or transposing it, but not able to use midi keyboard to enter notes)

And poor Pattern is the only one that midi keyboard notes don’t do anything but trigger a sound. Doesn’t trigger sequence or input notes.

Have never found this to be a problem tho, the field is always within reach to program sequences and velocity isn’t needed when programming so…
I will say the only exception is Hold is great to use with an external keyboard so far.

Fwiw I’m using an Extra Deluxe 61 key midi keyboard with a CME widi midi adapter so it connects wirelessly to the OP-1F. And the OP-1F fits perfectly with some room to spare on the open section on top of the keyboard. It’s a dream set up!

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Maybe the CME Xkey Air Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard Controller 37 Key would work.


Can the OP-1 Field power the Keystep Pro? I am leaning this way to control OP-1 & MPC One simultaneously on the desk, but the single cable setup in the field or on the couch would be sick

yup it sure can

There’s a way to build endless loops without using a Midi Controller with a reasonable wider range. You’re still governed by the limit of keys of the OP-1.
Ler’s say you need to access something below the F4 (the first key on the op-1) you can do Shift+metronome which will take you to the KEYBOARD detune menu (page 50 in manual https://teenage.engineering/_img/63bfeac1a9917e66c8ba8bd6_original.pdf)
You can then “DETUNE NOTES” -1 makes the F4 an E4, -2: E4b/D4#, -3:D4 and so on and so forth. It’s tricker to play your sequence as you’ll have to shift it but it’s a workaround that I successfully used.