OP-1 Field no longer auto scans through radio stations

When I first got my op-1f, it used to auto scan between stations - if I pressed the button as per instructions. This function has disappeared for some reason - anyone else experienced this & worked out a resolution?

Press ochre button works for me.

Yeah it used to work for me, but no longer - it only stops on the station I manually tuned into previously.

I have the same issue. When pressing ochre knob, it starts scanning the whole range, but does not find anything. It stops at the frequency i started. When tuning manually, i can find lots of stations without any noise. So S/N should be fine.

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I’m having very little joy scanning stations manually either… it’s making me wonder if there is something wrong with my unit? I only bought it this month, so it is still returnable. Are you saying you’re content to find stations without that push ochre button auto-scan function?

Perhaps there’s just a bug in the latest firmware?

Are you experiencing the same issue?

What happens when you connect a cable/antenna. Or when you move the op1f?

Thanks for ideas. I will try moving the OP-1 in a moment, to see if that resolves the issue. I do not accept that an antenna needs to be attached; as this wasn’t an issue previously and the OP-1 had an upgrade on built in receiver, so I don’t feel it’s right to have to purchase another.

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Fm reception is dependent off location. In the manual they write to use an antenna when reception is not optimal. But I agree that it would be nice if it was not like that.:grinning:

Pressing scans on mine with latest update

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The use of the antenna significantly improves reception / clarity and number of stations available to me. I am using the latest firmware.

Thanks Geoffrey. Can you link to which antenna you use? :pray:t4:

I would also like to know which antenna people are using?

i dont think it matters which specific antenna you use
they all pretty much the same

in a pinch u could plug a cable in there and leave the other end unplugged
that would work as an antenna too

Use the original op1 antenna from the accessories kit. Works well enough

Thanks for the information. I’ll pick up one of those cheap antennas I’ve seen online.

Sorry for slow response - I’ve been elsewhere for a day or two. I use a cheap eBay antenna. There isn’t really anything to them. Just a telescoping metal rod with a jack plug on the end of it. Make sure it has a hinge at the base so you can change the angle to get the best reception.

Thanks Geoffrey!