OP-1 Field Notebook by Synthdawg - the better manual!

Hi there, this is my first post. Synthdawg just released their Notebook for the OP-1 Field. I’m new to the OP-1F an this is so helpful and really worth the little money. I think it is also interesting for advanced users.



Here is the description from their homepage:

The OP-1 Field Notebook

Its a Reference Book! A Guidebook! A Notebook. Specifically written, bottom up for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Sampler / Synth. Covering all things OP-1 Field, this book is everything you need as a reference to the Teenage Engineering Operator-1 Field. Step by step walkthroughs help newbie’s and advanced user alike get to know how to use the OP-1 Field to its fullest. Finally its a notebook where you can make your own notes and comments in the spaces provides bringing together a comprehensive and customised guide. All for the price of a cup of coffee.

Whats New:

  • All new high quality diagrams, designed bottom up for the book

  • Over 250 pages of content and note space

  • Guidebook + Notebook concept. Electronic annotations on tablet or computer when using applications such as Goodnotes, Adobe Acrobat etc

  • Small footprint PDF format for wider distribution and coverage of many more devices

  • Bookmarks and Hyperlinked Contents

  • Deeper dive and walkthrough approach

  • Latest 1.4.5 OP-1 Field OS. Book Release v1.0 July 2023


Thanks a lot for posting this. I know there’s more to learn about the OP-1f, I’m interested to check this out.


I just got it, too, but I have to wait a few days before I’ll get a chance to check it out. I used to own a Deluge and had the Synthdawg guide. It was invaluable.


Just like the others hes done, this is great. We’ll worth the money, especially if you’re new to the TE workflow.


BEST purchase in weeks.
Spent last week on vacation studying it from cover to cover and then back again

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It would be great if you could post about any critical misprints you find, anything in error as opposed to simple typos. That would be so helpful!

Deleted my previous comment. No misprints, just typos. And quite a few.

That being said, it is a great useful purchase. Already learned a lot.

I would have loved more diagrams, and at times, infos are a bit messy (as an example, the author didn’t talk about the firmware procedure when talking about the com+power button feature at the beginning of the book, which is essential info if you ask me).

But so far, a great essential read for OP1f readers.

And kudos for the pricing philosophy here.

Thanks for the recommendation !

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Heyes, I don’t mean to pick at your grammar here, sorry if I came across that way. I’m pretty new to the OP-1f and I was just worried there might be errors in the book and, being new, I wouldn’t even know if the information was incorrect.


Not all! Au contraire, mon cher! :grin:
Thanks for pointing that out!
I’m french and sometimes, my grammar and vocabulary don’t translate as well as I’d like it to!

And it was important to correct this, like you said.
Really, thanks :ok_hand:


A revision with correction of a few minor typo’s was released yesterday

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Thanks Ariba! Going to download now.
Edit- nevermind, they require me to repurchase to get the typos fixed :roll_eyes:
Also, how many seconds of sampling time is there? The book says 20 seconds for drums, 6 seconds for synths but I know I’ve used more than 6 seconds for a synth sample. I think this information is out of date.
I wonder if incorrect information has been corrected in the new version or if it’s just typos that have been fixed?
(Either way, I’m not buying it again to find out.)

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Thanks for fixing the typos.
Content is really great. Love this little guide. Highly recommended - even to power users!

Wdym? I just got an email with an updated pdf - no need to repurchase


Thanks for the information. I didn’t get an email yet. I went to the site, I couldn’t find a way to download the new version, and it says this underneath the book description:

[Note this is a one off purchase and any major updates for new versions will require repurchase. Its why the price is so low. The book can be downloaded for 30 days, email to request new download link for original purchase version]

I’ll email the Synthdawg site this evening and ask for a copy.

same here

I had an email off SD with the latest version as a PDF attached.

Same here. Got the email. Simple as that.