Op-1 field & OP-Z issue

Hello. I need some help. I add my op1-field connected to OP-Z via usb-c. I used to receive audio from op1 into opz. I’ve updated op1 into latest firmware (1.5.6), I stoped receiving audio on opz. Anyone here has the same issue? I m not sure if it’s because of the firmware update.

I’ve never run audio between them, I’ve also already updated. So can’t test now.

Confirm your findings if it used to work and contact TE support.

I think an audio interface I used to use with the Field no longer works. So planning to roll back firmware to confirm, then report to them.

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Audio used to be automatic, connecting by usb c audio used to go from op1 to opz. Maybe I’ll contact them, as you suggest. But, once you have both can you test if it works with the your gear? If so maybe it’s an hardware problem. Thank you!