Op-1 field + op-z = ultimate combo ; but does the KO ii still have a place - is there used line module for sale?

So the op-x family works great together
Amazing over usb

Since koii is audio, can it fit with this duo?

What would it look like? Op1F as brain, midi and Audi over usb to field, audio out from op-1 into KO ii and koii out to / Interface /monitor /headphones ?? No midi unless there a splitter for usbc to go to midi usb of ko ii and opz …or maybe the line module in/out to koii from opz for midi sync and usb midi for op1 to opz??

Idk anyone use these 3 for any reason? And do so successfully ? lol

(Btw does the line module fit the boss style midi type c with the fat ends? Anyone selling a line module lmk too!?)

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its a great question. i think they all talk midi to each other very well. it depends on the project which permutation to use. im new to the op-z but i do agree that its a killer combo. up until recently though i was more of a ko2 + op1f and felt they too worked really well together. the gist of ko2+op1f for me is:

  • finger drummer performance sequencer (ko2) augmenting the synth+daw lite (op1f)

i used usb to send midi data bi-directionally and audio was always routed to op1f tape. this tune i made a while back uses this setup. finger drumming groove and sampling and punch in fx all done on the ko2 and recorded mostly live with a few overdubs directly into op1f. the midi and clock kept the tape and stuff all in sync, including CC data so that play/stop/etc was all synced too.

to add an op-z would be almost too much to handle for me - id prob go for just op1f + one other device. if i were to try all 3, which i certainly would fool around with, i would first try something like this:

  • op1f+opz audio+midi over USBC
  • ko2 synced over midi TRS from opz
  • audio routed from ko2 into opz via line module

line modules are 55% off on the TE website. seems like most folks say its their fav module.

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You’re right : it’s the KO 2 plus op-1f or op-z

Can’t be all 3 - too messy and honestly what’s the point

If you can’t do it with that then you can’t do it lol

Btw cool track :slight_smile:

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