OP-1 Field Output Issue

My OP-1 Field is only outputting audio to my line out/headphone jack to the left channel.

Plugging in Apple headphones (with the TRRS jack) into my OP-1 Field, it also only outputs to the left channel, and it doesn’t recognize the microphone. The microphone doesn’t switch over to headset. If I plug in regular TRS headphones likewise it only outputs to the left channel. I tried connecting the OP-1 Field to a mixer, and that also only receives the left channel. This is new behavior that I haven’t experienced before.

I read a few suggestions about checking the metronome, but that hasn’t changed, but I did make sure it wasn’t on the PO click track for output. I have tried downgrading the firmware but that doesn’t help either.

Probably not a bug, and likely a hardware issue, but curious if anybody has any suggestions. Though, I’m leaning towards reaching out to TE support to see what they can tell me.


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have you tried lightly pushing the jack up or down to see if a better connection can be obtained? Daft I know but it might be worth trying if you haven’t already.

Yeah, tried rotating the headphones, rocking the jack… nothing is moving, so I suspect a ribbon cable came loose or something.

You sure you didn’t have the master out panned?


No, I had to send it back to get it repaired. I got it back repaired, but no details on what resolved the audio output or microphone input issues.

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