OP-1 Field Sampling and Memory limitations?

Hey all, does anyone know the specifics of the changes they made to the field version when it comes to sampling and user presets? I know we get 160 minutes of stereo 16bit/44.1 audio now, but is that shared between the 8 tape reels and the user samples? Or is that just for user samples? Freely assignable between synth and drum samples, or is there a hard limit to how many samples we can have for each?

What about user presets? I remember on the OG OP-1 you could only store something like 41 user presets per synth engine (something like that, it’s been a decade since I owned it). Still a factor?

Just received my OP-1 Field and trying to plan out how many samples I can feed it to get prepped for a big writing session over the next couple weeks. Thanks!

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I’d like to get a clear answer about this also.

With regard to the tapes, there are 8 and each can be 6 minutes long, so 48 minutes for tape x 4 tracks = 192 minutes total. I think this is true.

I read somewhere you can have 42 user melodic sampler patches, 42 user drum sampler patches, and 100 user synth patches. But I have never seen any of that confirmed and I’ve read different numbers as well.

I believe each drum sample can be 20 seconds long, each melodic sample can be 12 seconds long, both stereo. So 20 x 42 = 840 seconds or 14 minutes of drum samples, 12 x 42 = 504 seconds or 8.4 minutes of melodic samples. These figures may be totally wrong.

The sample memory is not dynamically allocated, using less time on one tape does not mean gaining more time for another. That applies to the samplers as well.

Hopefully someone, maybe someone who has hit the limits, will post definitively.


Thanks for the info, sounds inline with what i was assuming. Surprised no one has taken a deep dive on this yet since its been out a year, might be something i need to do i guess.

OVER 160 MINUTES OF SAMPLE STORAGE ← It’s 160 min of sample storage, not tape audio.
I do assume this includes the TE Preset Synth and Drum Samples, which can’t be removed.

Found here: https://teenage.engineering/products/op-1

Granted that is just a patch count, so samples (which count as patches as well) are still subject to the total 160min of sample storage.

Those can be either synth or drum patches it doesn’t matter which, though I’ll admit to not being anywhere near the limit, that sounds daunting and uncomfortable to track/navigate through (to me)
I have maybe 50-70 user samples/patches currently and I remove patches from the device that I’m not going to use.

I have more than 42 melodic sampler patches, maybe this was true for the original.

Melodic samples are 6 seconds not 12. But you’re right OP-1F drum samples are 20sec.

Your wording is confusing because the Tapes are kept entirely separate from sample memory on the field. So if the concern is sample memory than the tapes and their allocation is irrelevant. Though you are correct, the tapes are 6min of audio regardless of what you have on it, which comes into play later when you’re exporting files and such. You get the full 6 min even if you only recorded to 3 min.

Thanks for all the clarification!

Yeah, @midnightoperator94 I appreciate the info.

just a random unrelated thought

but it so confusing OG vs FIELD
like i so often see people referencing info about the OG
but they are actually referring to the FIELD and vice versa