Op-1 field short comings

Overall it’s pretty great; however these are some improvements TE should definitely make:

  • Automatically route envelope to filter cutoff in Dimension engine. It’s silly to waste an LFO just to assign the envelope to the cutoff especially when 90 % of the time you are going to want to do this. Just add another parameter to control envelope depth please (it can be accessible with shift)
  • have a table of contents for the online manual. This is seriously annoying af. The original manual was easy to navigate. This new one sucks. (Also the printed out manual is pretty much useless)
  • allow lfo to cover entire range of parameters. For example if you assign value lfo to loop end of sampler engine if can barely move it. It should be able to cover the entire range of the sample.
  • add feature to resample across different tapes. I would like to bounce one tape to another and not have to first record to the mixdown; and/or replace mixdown with a two track tape instead of the album
  • add option to split on zero crossings. This is still an issue with the field which was surprising to me
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Agreed. You should really send this on this form, for TE to classify your demands:

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And also that metronome. Bring back the old one. The new one gets masked by other sounds too easily

It has the old metronome

How is it the old metronome? It’s very different than the original OP-1. Is there some setting to change it?

the mixdown/bounce ideas are great.

Push orange encoder for different sound.


All in the manual brother


On OP-1 we can copy and paste patches between slots. Doesn’t seem to work on Field. That’s annoying. It was very useful function.

It’s a shame there are 8 tapes but still only two album/mixdown slots.

I’d like more…

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I can highly recommend the Synthdog manual, far better than the TE version and in the UK just £3.20.

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I concur.
A must read, must have.

This is my only real serious request