OP-1 Field support 48 kHz sampling rate?

Do someone know if the OP1-Field support 48 kHz sampling rate? I search and find nothing about it… My studio setup is always locked to 48 kHz and wish I can use the USB audio with it.

afaik in one superbooth video they said its all 32bit @ 44.1khz

Thanks for the answer, that’s sad…

Is there any specific reason you want 48KHz sampling? 44.1KHz would have next to no difference in quality, and 44.1khz is the industry standard in audio. Unless you’re in video production there isn’t much point to operating at 48Khz

Yep im a film composer and the studio is always on 48Khz, have tons of gear to sync to 48khz. But I just find a way to automatically convert it to 48k with Dante via and send it to Eventide H9000 without too much latency (10ms).



I remember years ago I had an RME Hammerfall 9652 pci card connected via adat to the adat card on a Yamaha 03D mixer. Was using 44khz. Decided to take a break and put a DVD in the computer to watch, and the movie player perfectly synchronised at the wrong speed / pitch, it was all a bit slow. Changed the clock on the Yamaha and all was well.