OP-1 Field USB not working

Hi, every one.

My OP-1 Field’s USB port stop working recently. It’s not detected, no matter what I connect to (midi devices, computer, iPad, TX6 etc.) and with what cables (I’ve tried at least 3 cables, the cable comes with it, tx-6’s and op-z’s cables). I’ve also tried MTP/Disk mode, and factory reset and nothing helps. It charges with USB, but won’t show up as neither audio nor midi device on my Mac.

Has anyone run into the same problem? I’ve already contacted TE supports, but they took 5 days to reply to my initial email. And I’m still waiting for the next email from them :frowning:


I f do not have any advice - I know from USB-C MacBooks though that USB-C is quite fragile with regard to moisture and ports can get fried fairly easily. OG OP-1 had a removable back panel where you could swap out the ports easily. I never had to do this. But I’m curious as to what the resolution will be for OP-1 Field. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

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Having the same issue.
M1 macbook pro / Ventura

Was connecting fine before, now only charges.
Won’t show up as a midi in / out either

Any recommendations / solutions?
Have tried different cables

I’d contact TE support asap and a local electronics repair shop.

But this thread has me worried that TE’s USB-C ports are somewhat cheap and easily fried in the long run.

Please. Let us know how things turn out.

So mine just went into TE and a new warranty replacement has been sent out to me.

Apparently it wasn’t repairable. TE didn’t tell me what the problem was, although I can tell you with certainty it wasn’t a defect with the port itself.

I think it had to do with the chipset for the port. Basically mine would charge fine at all times, however:

If connected to a computer it would allow a data connection for several tens of seconds before the data transmission failed. It wiuld stay unusable for a few hours or so. After switching off, waiting hours and trying again, it would work briefly before failing.


I did send my op-1 field back to TE, and they sent me a replacement. Mine might be one of the first few batches and was still in warranty when it broke. They didn’t mention what the problem is, but all the shipping cost was covered. For everyone who has the same issue, I guess the only way is to contact TE.


I have two products of theirs with this issue :frowning:
The TX6 which just reached them today. And the same issue with a brand new op1f