OP-1 Field with Logic Pro for iPad

I have the OP-1 Field and a M2 iPad Pro. Is it possible to use the OP-1F with the Ipad and the new Logic Pro? I cant seem to get this to work?



It depends on what you aim to do.

I’ve got the iPad Air 5 and LogicPro for iPad. I also use GarageBand on the iPad as a regular sketching pad.

So far (which is less than 12 hours with my brand new OP1f), I managed to pair both of them. Here is a list of what I managed to do.

  • connecting the OP1f to the iPad via USB-C (direct and through a non-powered hub), I was able to play MIDI instruments. Straight forward, same on the mac.
  • I managed to record audio into LogicPro for iPad through an iRig Keys I/O 25. The important bit here is that I had to use the OP1f as a hardware synth. No USB-C plugged in.
  • LPfiPad recognized the OP1f as an audio interface but it was still a bit of a mess to setup things the way I wanted to.

I still can’t figure out if I can record Logic Pro into the OP1f via USB-C only.

I’ll update as soon as I manage to get this setup stable and organic enough!