OP-1 Fieldkit stopped working

Does anyone else have this problem? I think my OP-1 Field has stopped working since I updated my Macbook to Ventura, but I’m not sure whether that’s really the cause

UPDATE: Seems like it only works in Safe mode for now. Not ideal, but at least it works


I reported to them back in launch that the public beta of Ventura broke it. It’s worked for me more recently though. However there is an android MTP file transfer program for Mac, normally I’d never have such a thing installed, but this works also if you get stuck. You can hold Shift and push disk to get a legacy disk mode too, this mounts without app, but you can’t access the tracks. You can add Rephaser’s sample packs this way though :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks! I git it working though now booting my mac in Safe Mode. Bit of a hassle, but hopefully it’ll be resolved soon

Same happened to be recently. Was able to resolve just by restarting Mac & enabling MTP again on OP-1F. No safe mode needed for me.

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Has anyone had luck lately with the MacOS on Ventura? The first time I tried mounting to disk I’ve had trouble but read through the manuals and worked it out, but seems like copying my Op-1 Field contents to iCloud is troublesome. I don’t own the included TE usb-c cable. I wonder if that’s an issue :unamused:

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