OP-1 File Management Query

Hi all, I’ve had my OP-1 for a looooong time now but I’m about to take it on it’s first transatlantic flight and holiday for a couple of weeks. I’ll be without a computer or laptop for the duration so wanted an easy way of managing the OP-1 song files while I’m away. Am I right in thinking that a cheap Android phone would do the job effectively? (I’m an Apple whore so I don’t really have any knowledge about other gear)… Thanks folks!

If you have your iPhone with you on your trip, you could use one of the RAVPower products. I have used this to transfer the file to and from my op-1. It works great. I think they even have a newer version out now, but this is the one I have tried. Good luck!


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Interesting, I’ll look into that option - thanks!