OP-1 firmware #237

But similar change log to what #235 had…
(direct link: https://teenage.engineering/_software/op-1/op1_237.op1)


:fire: hopefully this enables the OP-Z modes…

are the fixed changes have been addressed in #235?

It might be that I just want it to be true… but OPZ synced to OP1 over USB seems to be quite a bit tighter when sync’d to OP1 tape loop recording. I let it go for 5 minutes and didn’t hear any drift. Will keep testing though.


hhmm…no documentation means we’ll see a surprise soon…I hope. :wink:

Here is hoping… I do have to say though, tape mode, blue tape trick is pretty interesting to purposely drive a beat out of sync and back into sync and it really does seems to stay locked.

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According to my first quick check it seems that they fixed the pop/click sounds left on tape after deleting takes. This issue had been (re)introduced in #235.



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all good! check midi settings :joy:

Yeah in my opinion nobody should install anything where devs couldn’t be bothered to write release notes for it, let alone Teenage Engineering devs.

I guess the bug fix section of the notes is different?

it’s the same. 235 from wayback machine

Well that’s sloppy.

Thanks for the post. I’ll wait this one out now.

Did it let you revert back?

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i‘ll investigate further. :nerd_face:

unfortunately it was just the midi setting on OP-Z. :thinking:

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Any new discoveries regading integration of OP-1 and OP-Z with the new 1.2.8 firmware for the latter?

Considering sending support a message asking if they’re aware they haven’t updated release notes. The community trying to guess what was updated is a bit ridiculous.


Well, TE could maintain a full release log page somewhere on their site, but that’s I guess not design enough to make it worthy of web presence. Precisely what infuriates everyone who cares about changes to their kit.

I received this email from Teenage Engineering

Thank you for contacting us.

The notes on this firmware are actually correct. Our developers have only improved it.

We thank you for your interest and wish you an excellent day.

teenage engineering support

Interesting choice of response at the least.


How is the USB sync actually working? Is start/stop separeted from the midi-Clock? Can you stop one machine while the other is playing and start it again in sync? Or does pressing the stop button always stop both synced machines?

unfortunately not