OP-1 For sale - mint cond - SOLD already

The OP-1 has been sold.

What country are you in? How much money are you asking for? Are you interested in trades?

Thailand. 850 US. No

why so cheap? they’re selling for 1200-1600 on Reverb.com

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Why are they so expensive? I’ve only made comparisons with the ones on Ebay and I thought my price was realistic. I’m beginning to get the impression OP-1 prices have gone up since 2017 (never was much good at economics.) I guess if the asked for price is too low people will get the impression that there might be something wrong with it. For 1200 I’ll throw in an Akai Touch with it (oh dear, I’m not much good at this am I?)

i’d like to buy it, please pm me

I’m not sure you can pm someone on this site. Do you know? If there isn’t, perhaps you could let me know your email address and we can correspond that way?

sent pm

Are you still looking for an OP-1? The person who told me they wanted to buy it wouldn’t return any of my messages so in the end I didn’t sell it. It’s been in its case eversince.