OP-1 freezes - out of ideas

I thought I’d ask here…
My OP-1 has started to freeze. This happens frequently, sometimes after 10 - 15 mins after I’ve hooked it up, sometimes longer. I have updated the OS and done a factory reset. No help. I’m out of ideas.
It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s connected to the DAW via usb or not.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You better contact TE for instructions on how to proceed. I would guess the main logic board needs to be replaced.

Thanks for the reply !
How do you get in touch with them? I didn’t find any contact form or email address, which I think is pretty strange. Customer support should be a priority to any company…

It was pretty easy to find for me: https://support.teenage.engineering/hc/en-us/requests/new