OP-1 freezing when switched to disk mode. Help!

The disk mode on my op-1 suddenly stopped worked. When I try to switch to disk mode the op-1 gets some error messages and it hangs (see pic). I have to unplug the usb cable and turn it on and off to get it working again. I tried reloading the firmware and it installed fine but the problem is still there.

Any suggestions? I've emailed TE support and am waiting for a response. Everything worked fine previously so not sure what happened.

maybe download the firmware again and then install…

I’ve tried that, as i’ve already mentioned. Doesn’t work.

TE support got back to me and told me to try a factory reset. Only issue is that i’d like to backup my current projects, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that if I can’t get into disk mode. I suppose i’ll have to record the audio in real time into my DAW.

Seems like the last option you have. Then maybe with new samples and a new approach your track might even improve after the procedure, everything usually makes sense in a way…

I can’t think of any possible resolution, but I wonder if you could try connecting it to another computer to see if it reacts the same way.

Tried a different computer but no difference. Does the same thing even when not connected to a computer at all.

Doing a factory reset cleared it up. Bit of a bummer to lose some of my snapshots and samples but relieved it’s working again. Would have sucked if I had to send it to get repaired.

I guess there’s a lesson in there, somewhere.