OP-1 = fuji 100v

a comment I wrote on a YouTube page in response to the deluge of hype regarding this camera;

Ok. Some of you will know of a design company called Teenage Engineering, who are probably most known for their OP-1 Synth. It’s an ergonomic YouTube dream. Cute fun boxes get ticked. A very lusted after bit off gear, and bloody expensive. Well, a few years ago production was halted (company couldn’t source the screen) which sent the s/h market sky-high. Mine cost £600 ish from amazon, official TE site retail £800. Once folk couldn’t buy it anymore the eBay boom kicked up the second hand price way above £1,000.

And would you like to know what happened next?

On Valentine’s Day the company announced; no-one should have to pay xxxx money for an OP-1.
They then released their ‘new’ OP-1 for roughly £1,200. It had a new screen that was still as dull as the first version. Then two years later they released the OP-1field. The same machine but greatly updated. £2,000. Seriously.

If you are going to lay out a pretty high wad of cash for a camera then chances are you already had a pretty capable camera already. You don’t need the fuji. You want it because it looks cool, and that genius blend of retro/modern aesthetics sells the thing over everything else. You certainly don’t need to pay silly money right now. How is it that most of their other camera’s are still available to buy? Don’t fall for this cynical marketing swizzle.

It will be back on sale soon enough, just with a far larger price-tag. Then, a couple of years from now there will be a newer model, even more old-school authentic looking and that will be the video that you just can’t avoid on YouTube.

I have an X100 and an OP-1.
I have an X100F and an OP-1 Field. :grin:

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It’s not so simple.

I have a Fuji X100S. Its colour rendering is unlike my old Panasonic and Pentax cameras, and unlike my friends’ Canon and Sony cameras. It paints light amazingly well, it’s lightweight, and has impressive and true-to-word technical specs for a camera with such unassuming retro looks (subjects feeling at ease matters a lot). X100S is not without issues: the lens is too soft when wide open at close focus, almost unusable for macro; the battery doesn’t last long so I have to carry a spare; its autofocus is too slow for candid photography so I lose too many moments.

If I bought a X100V, it wouldn’t be for its looks (the same), but because I’m tired of missing moments with the X100S, which I got because I wanted to carry a single lens camera more often without the heft, bulk, and logistics.

Unlike the OP1, itself a usable synth, the X100S’s engineering is tight, with non-trivial manufacturing tolerances. Its software is very stable. As a device, it has never overpromised, and boy has it overdelivered, time and again! It’s the one camera I recommend without hesitation to any person – which I couldn’t say about the OP1 as a synth.

The underpowered hardware of the OG OP1 is almost offensive if you’re into complexity or fidelity, reliable timing, or interfacing with the rest of your studio. Its software is buggy. Its hardware reliability is far from the level exhibited by the Fuji gear in question. I take a slight issue with drawing parallels between the two.

Having to replace your OG OP1 is eventually unavoidable if you want a nice reverb, stereo, swappable tapes, wireless midi, stereo audio in, better UI, etc. These aren’t trivial improvements. They are rather attractive features, while at the same time being basics. The OP1f is getting frequent fixes again - the OP1 isn’t.

Meanwhile you can imagine much of the time I now reach for M8 or iPad.

If you gel with the OP1, the Field is likely a decent investment, sadly now at a somewhat exclusive price. If the history of the original is anything to go by, it won’t be a “couple of years” before a newer model appears.

So it’s not as simple as “=”.


Great reply, cheers Eesn. The point I was trying to make was more aimed at the hype, and how some buy into it more so once the product isn’t easily available…and how a company can use it to their advantage. Hence the comparison. My YT feed is choke-full of bloody X100V videos.

I agree with your points. Love my X100, and the X100F. Some of the best photos I have ever taken though, are straight out of the camera X100 shots. It just has some magic. The ability to close focus 10cm like a smartphone sharp at ƒ/4 gives very soft backgrounds and loads of detail. The 3 stop ND filter built in to all these cameras lets you shoot at ƒ/2 on a bright sunny day with soft out of focus areas. And it fits in the pocket. They’re quite unique little cameras. Certainly at launch in 2010. A pocketable APS-C sensor’d 35mm equiv ƒ/2 camera? Get out.

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I got the first one of thast line. The X10 and the colors are amazing comapred to my A6500 but the resolution of 12MP is barely enough and the viewfinder broke after a few weeks. I still use it as light and fast replacement whenver I dont feel like bringing the a6500 with the lenses.

Same with the OP-1 Its in perfect condition and from time to time it gets me back into making music and I´m fine with every “limitation”.

I found the field interesting but even if I ignore the price tag it wanst interesting to me all that much.

Any past or present owners of the Ricoh GRiii here?