OP-1.fun website companion app?

OP1.fun seems like a cool site and i’ve been trying to use the companion app they show on the front page, but when I try to log in it doesn’t give me anything. Does anyone use the app still or has it just died out over time? For reference I’m using M1 MacbookPro

It’s not looking good, according to this reddit thread.

The Problem is solvable:
Check the info here:


When I try to login with the latest version of the MacOS app login doesn’t work. I click login and no feedback is provided.

I went in to debug and uncommented lines 81-83 in index.js to open the dev tools and saw Uncaught Error: certificate has expired.

If I add rejectUnauthorized: false, as a parameter to the https.request call on line 23 of api-client.js I am able to login.

Sorry, I got a little excited there. I have been able to get past the login problem. But the problem with the missing certificate reappears upon trying to download from the site. App needs update until then it cannot work.

so the js line addition isn’t a solution yet?