Op-1 FW 245!

What happens when you disable usb charging on the op-1?

Same - tried everything in the book. Isolator (USB & Ground loop like suggested), different sources (with and without PSUs), different macbooks, different daws, different cables, different buffer sizes, etc. My only option left is to replace the logic board but I still think it’s a firmware problem.

Even with the new firmware?

I tried your settings and when I connect the line while sampler is selected, the input level is at +31. When I adjust the inputlevel (orange) to normal settings like o.
I can record through line (I recorded my Roland d05)
Without noise, I don’t even have usb noise, and charging is not even disabled.
Do you use the original op-1 usb cable?

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I’ve also tried everything and the only way to record clean audio from the external input is to revert back to Firmware 242.

And by “Clean Audio” I mean without random clicks and pops similar to when you have your buffer size set incorrectly on your DAW, it sounds a bit like vinyl crackles…

Even with the OP-1 completely unplugged.

That’s it, to me it’s clearly a firmware issue…
Sure maybe it affects only some devices but still a firmware issue.


I can assure you they will not mention any of this on any update change-log, as we’ve seen with the String fix, they wont mention it because they are in denial, even though they are aware of the issue, publicly they act as if the issue doesn’t exist and if you ask them about it you are then treated like a sketchy fool with faulty hardware.


Amen. That’s exactly what happened to me…

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on my OP-1 rev 1 the update introduced dead/faulty pixels nearly everywhere in the system especially in the Preset lists

EDIT installed 242 to see if there’s some difference but I guess its maybe there mixed with dust or whatever. nothing to do with the update

I wish that in our emails subscription to TE, they announce the firmware updates!


cluster engine does sound alot better! less phasey and more precise like you said.
just did a check before i updated and im really happy with this as i use this synth engine alot


DNA is also equipped with finer graphical details, the fuzz it makes when dialing in noise (orange) is more irregular


I have (i guess successfully) contacted TE in regard to the crackling issue some people (including me) seems to get from firmware #243 and #245.

I’ve reported and explained carefully the issue, my report has now been sent to their development team.
So hopefully they will investigate the issue and I really hope we will see that fixed on the next update.


I wish I could give this 2 hearts


i wish they would check for compatibility with the OG OPLab, this is such a great device.


Thank you so much! Please keep us updated :slight_smile: