Op-1 FW 245!

Apparently they reduced the clicking? Anyone has tested this yet ?

I only see 243 on their website?

Try the link below mate!



:smiley: thank you!!

I have tested it a bit and have noticed some nice improvements on OP-1 (revision 2).

  • Clearly smoother graphics, especially noticeable on Cluster engine.

  • They finally fixed the String engine plague that was there from ages (the infamous note stealing glitch/click).

  • Also the Cluster engine sounds better than before to my ears, especially when turning the blue knob (activating multiple OSCs).
    It sounds less phasey, more precise/intelligible.
    (can anybody confirm this?).

Unfortunately though there are still clicks & pops when recording external input to tape! :pensive:

I didn’t check everything yet 'cause I had no time, but soon I’m gonna check other stuff…


This is so frustrating…I was only hoping for the Clicks & Pops fix - that was all that mattered to me :weary:

Me too, but the String engine fix it’s a huge one! Overall smoother framerate is also nice.

The usb audio interface seems to work better than I remember on 243 (I had tested 243 briefly before reverting back to 242 due to clicks/pops when recording ext. Input on tape).

This time I’m gonna stick with 245 for a bit, hoping to see the external input clicks/pops issue fixed soon!

On a side note, I can confirm this firmware works fine with op1repacker tool, I’ve loaded the hacked firmware on mine no problem…


The fix for String is huge (and long overdue).

I didn’t record Cluster sounds before update, so can’t confirm any changes. Sounds about the same to me.

I see that I can record in a loop and it doesn’t click, which seems like an improvement.

I should have tested before and after the update, but didn’t feel like it today.

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patch notes also mention added support for latest revision displays; is there a rev3 or is this just rev2?

Perhaps the screen that is in the field, may be the only one they are sourcing now? Merely speculation.

Nope - at least not the USB-Audio Issue. Just tested it - as bad as ever… :sleeping:

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the screen on the field is LCD, the one in the og OP-1 is AMOLED so it’s very unlikely that they are using the field screen, I’m sure the displays they are referring to are the revision 2 panels, in fact in some cases my OP-1 was dropping frames and graphics became sluggish before updating to 245, but now it’s fine!

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Another little annoyance they have fixed is the behaviour of the blue knob nudging the speed of the tape while playing.

Before the update if the tape speed was less than 1:1 and nudging the speed with the blue knob the pitch would get stuck out of tune for a bit before jumping to the correct pitch abruptly.

Now it gradually and smoothly come back in pitch, as it should.


What do you mean here?

I’ve tested USB-Audio and works perfectly here… At least the OP-1 output via USB is perfect, I have not tested sending audio to the OP-1 over USB yet.

Nope - the ever persisting cracks and pops issue when sending audio to the OP-1 and then further on to a Computer via USB (using it as an interface for external gear). See here:


Yes, TE should do something asap, a 1400 $ sampler that can’t record clean audio is a joke.

Maybe we should start a petition topic…

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For me as well, usb audio from audio input Jack had cracks and pops on 243 and also recording to tape from input Jack also had occasional cracks/pops… I even contacted TE at the time and they said that I should wait for firmware updates possibly referring to this update!

I had downgraded to 242 while waiting for the update because on that version recording to tape from input Jack was clean.

I haven’t had the time to test it on 245 yet, but I will let you know how it goes when I do.


Thank you for reporting back - I’m really interested if the updates fixes the issue for somebody. Recording to tape without usb connected wasn’t a problem for me - even on #243. The problem starts when using the line-in and having usb connected.

Mine does it even without USB cable connected…