OP-1 Game not displaying score/etc

Hey everyone I just got my OP-1 not too long ago and the hidden chopper game is cool but I noticed the in-game HUD isn’t showing up (no score, etc.) Has anyone else had this issue and is there a known fix? Prior to playing it I could have sworn I saw someone else mention the same issue but now I can’t find the thread!

Edit: I should probably mention I’m running the latest firmware. Also I’ve done factory resets a few times on my OP-1.
Also, should it say beta there? Here are some screenshots.

kill screen ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I think this issue happens only on new (2019+) revisions due the new display, which is a bit smaller. I’m not sure if Teenage Engineering team is aware of this issue.

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Wow, great find. Thank you for replying! Makes me question whether I’ll ever buy another thing from teenage engineering given the higher price point for less quality. I still enjoy my OP1 regardless of this but it would be nice if they tested it thoroughly and fixed issues before putting it out. The battery situation might be another pain point eventually but for now it has been good. Just had to figure out how to charge it correctly when I first got it.

No problem, I reported for a bug on their website. This should be fixed in a new firmware. Let’s see what they will answer :wink:

P.S. Do not have any serious problems with battery for now (received my synth 2 days ago :D). However, I randomly connected it to PC to manage samples and check MIDI. Charged it from 20% to ~90% in 6-7 hours.

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Yeah there is some weirdness where if you turn it on while it is charging for a few seconds and then turn it off it charges faster. Also, the battery readout becomes more accurate if you let it drain all the way and then charge it.

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It looks like the latest update should have fixed this. Thanks for reaching out to them. I’m so happy they listened to the community!