OP-1 hanging on Startup TE-Screen

Hi Everyone.

I’m reaching out because I can’t start my OP-1 anymore.
Thing is, last week I played on my OP-1, took a little break, shut it down and when I wanted to pick my musicmaking up again and switching my OP-1 on it got stuck on the TE-Boot Screen. From now on, I cant start it anymore.

The Bootloader menu works fine, also the Speacker click when switching on. I’ve tried the whole TE advise about draining the batterie and loading it for several hours, nothing helped.
I also reinstalled the latest Firmware, nothing.

I’ve done some researches on this forum here, but could not find a answer to my problem.
Now, has anyone of you guys have had a similar problem and therefor a solution?

Any trick or tip is highliy appreciated.

Ah, and I did not dare yet to do a factory reset, because I have work on the tape that I’d like to keep, if possible, sure my OP-1 has to start working again thats prio.

Thanks alot and I wish you all a marvelous day.
Best regards

a factory reset might be helpful to atleast try
if u can still get into disk mode u can backup all your files onto your computer before hand
so that u won’t lose anything
def can clear up many software glitches

i would try every option
factory reset
format drive
reinstall firmware

if none of those work, i would contact TE support
or whoever u purchased from if u have a warranty w/ them.
worse case u may have an issue with one of your boards
or something that needs further investigation or replacement

godspeed u!

I just had this issue about 10 min ago. I was playing my OP-1 In the back of the car for about half an hour or so no issue and then put shut it off, put it in its case in the car, and when I came back to it after the party, about 4 hours later, it would not get out the boot screen.

I ended up booting it in TEBoot, and pressed the 7 key to reset, which took about 5 sec, if that, and it told me to restart it, and it took a moment to populate the tape and boom, fresh, functional OP-1.

Luckily I just backed it up after I uploaded to the beat battle.