Op-1 Has Ceased to Work

Oh dear! I have dreaded this day. I saw others report this type of problem and I hoped it would never happen to mine.

Anyway, let’s deal with the matter. After midi’ing up my DX7 > Octatrack > Roland A880 > Oplab > Op-1 I began to encounter problems. My Op-1 would restart itself randomly and sometimes the screen would feeeze. I was left with a message on the screen (see photo). I got in touch with Teenage Engineering and they asked me to show a video of it and to post on here. After that, it seemed to be ok so I refrained. Then a few days ago it just refused to turn on.

I am super upset and dissapointed. It’s one of the few holidays we have in Japan - I have a whole 9 days off - and my Op-1 is an integral part of my setup.

Emotions aside I really don’t know what to do. That’s why I’m here.

What is your advice my good friends?

Edit: I am trying to upload a photo but it isn't working from either my phone or my laptop. When I switched on my Op-1 the logo and R. 00218 tappeared and this code on the left hand side
(Please note these / lines are pointing the opposite way)

../src/bf/xyz.cpp40 twi_rx
Rev. 00218;

I suppose you don’t even get the option to factory reset? The xyz thing could point to the accelerometer, maybe it’s worth trying to put the device upside down or on one of the edges and try powering it on.

You are right, I don’t get the factory reset. I tried powering it with the computers USB last night but nothing.

Oh wow! So crazy it just might work.

It didn’t work.

What next?

Ah man :frowning: hope you get it fixed up. Sucks it coincided with your holiday time :confused:

Ah man :( hope you get it fixed up. Sucks it coincided with your holiday time :/

Thanks man. I also tried the battery reboot thingymajig but nada. I’ve since replaced the Op-1 with a Casio PT-280 and it’s sounding sick through 8 Octatrack effects.

Got a great jam down today!

I don’t own an OP-1 (YET, it’s on backorder :frowning: ) but those numbers are hexadecimal memory addresses. Basically they address different places in the internal computer, which if you know how the computer is built, they can tell you what the hell is going on.

I suggest you contact their tech support line with this info, someone will be able to help!

I called their sales line to figure out when the next shipment of synths was scheduled to ship, and I got a call back in 5 minutes! And I hadn’t even bought anything yet! I imagine they’d be very helpful.

Best of luck!

Thank you for you message @heck_mann

Yes, that’s right! I remember watching a cool video and they said they based their computer board on the NYC underground. So if a problem occurs anyone of their team can easily locate it.

I’ve sent another email with a link to this thread, the digits taken from the screen shot, and my new jam https://youtu.be/KcbZr6nofxM

You must be excited. It’s a great device. When I look at it and I can’t use it I miss it even more. For the recent jam I sat a Casio PT280 in its place. It didn’t fit but it was fun to use. I miss my Op-1.

I feel your pain ,hope its sorted soon.
Glad you moved quickly onto PT for your hols.Nice track!Great to see you flyin your ship. Nicely laid out too and the OT seems happy in there :slight_smile:

I bought mine used recently because nobody has them in stock anymore/now. Mine stops powering on about once a week and I need to reload the firmware. I have been able to power it on while holding down the com button and then connecting it to my computer. VERY annoying but it is otherwise an awesome piece of kit.